Class 07: “What is La Brega?” / “Que Es La Brega?”

Today in class we’ll start a new podcast. This much longer series will be our foundation for using the Lehman library’s many resources.

There will be an increased focus on composing complex annotations in, so hopefully you have used the first podcast to get comfortable with that technology. If you haven’t, please let me know how I can help.

We’ll be focusing today on some important practices today: extended writing time, long discussions, a framework for posing questions in, and a procedure for capturing our discussions OR for framing the next one.

1 thought on “Class 07: “What is La Brega?” / “Que Es La Brega?”

  1. Brenda Arellano Mendez

    From the discussion, we talked about what La Brega means and what it meant to us before listening to the audio. From there we learned the various ways people from Puerto Rico live and how this is nothing new to people who live there, and some of us have experienced it firsthand. Some examples mentioned were the potholes, the way people shower, no electricity, yet people continue to always put a smile on their faces to go on with their day. Citizens of Puerto Rico have gotten used to these conditions since it is a daily thing they go through and the government keeps avoiding these problems. Many ideas were brought up that these potholes symbolized the struggles, and endless cycles, and could symbolize neglect.
    My take on this episode of La Brega is that the potholes symbolize everyday life struggles that the citizens of Puerto Rico are trying to fix. While they are constantly needing resources and struggling, it ironically unifies them more in order to fulfill the missing pieces of Puerto Rico. A question I continue to ask is what more may the potholes symbolize and how does La Brega relate to everyone around the world?

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